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Kent 2012 PRIDE Values Award Programme

The PRIDE Values Award programme is being launched in all schools across Kent in the Summer of 2012. This is being introduced to recognise the outstanding work of pupils and staff in ‘living the Olympic and Paralympic values’ through their positive involvement in a range of activities and events in the build up to the London 2012 Games.

In Kent we have always recognised the Olympic and Paralympic Values through PRIDE.

As part of the Kent Schools' 'BIG EVENTS' programme these Awards are fully funded for all schools in Kent. Specific details of the Awards programme can be found in this FAQs document.

The Awards

The PRIDE Values Award programme provides an opportunity to recognise the commitment and enthusiasm of young people in demonstrating one or more of the Olympic and Paralympic values not only through work in their own school but also through their help and support in planning and taking part in District wide school and community events over a sustained period of time There is also a similar award for staff. (See template nomination form).

Countywide search for Gold Award Winners

Every school in Kent is invited to select a Gold Award Winner in each Key Stage as shown below to represent their school at a District Gold Award Celebration Event in the Autumn Term of 2012, shortly after the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Games.

A free resource pack is being provided for every school in Kent.
Every primary and secondary school will be presented with the following resources to help with the process of selection. Packs are being delivered to schools in June

(Infant schools, PRUs and Special Schools will receive 20 certificates and 1 medal of each type.)

The Launch

The launch of the programme across the County took place in the week of 21 May as this marked the week that the Olympic Torch began its journey around the UK. This is a good link as all Gold Award winners will be given the opportunity to hold one of the London 2012 Olympic Torches at a District Celebration Event in the Autumn Term.
(A PowerPoint resource has been produced to support the launch of the programme in schools.)

Pupil and Staff Memento – Holding the London 2012 Olympic Torch

Every Gold Award winner will be able to have their photo taken holding one of the London 2012 Gold Olympic Torches which will have been used in the Torch Relay as it travelled through Kent. This photo opportunity should provide a truly magnificent memento of this very special moment in British history.