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Welcome to the Kent 20in12 Learning Programme website

The aim of the Kent 20in12 Learning programme is to ensure that every child and young person in Kent has the opportunity to engage in educational experiences that relate to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Kent 20in12 Learning Programme is designed to complement Get Set, the National Education Programme and aims to support schools and colleges in providing educational experiences that take inspiration from the Olympics and Paralympics.

Kent 20in12 is a learning programme for the whole curriculum; not just for PE and school sport. There is the exciting potential for cross curricular work, and cross-phase collaboration as education settings from the early years through to higher education will be involved.

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are an exciting opportunity to engage children and young people, involving them in the lead up to the Games, and ensuring that they feel part of the event. We cannot afford to let such an opportunity pass by.

The Kent 20in12 website provides all the information you need to help you and your school engage with the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The website also showcases examples of young people’s work and the projects they have engaged in.

Aims of 20in12

To use the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire learning across the curriculum for children and young people in Kent.


1) To use education to maximise children and young people's engagement with the London 2012 Games, helping them to fulfil their aspirations.

2) To create a range of opportunities and challenges across the curriculum which inspire and capture and the imagination of children and young people.

3) To enable children and young people to take the lead in the development of creative and innovative learning activities linked to the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

4) For schools, colleges and other educational settings to work collaboratively.

How will the '20in12' Learning Programme be delivered?

There are two key ways in which the Kent 20in12 Learning Programme aims to support the Get Set programme. In both ways, the emphasis is on schools and colleges designing learning experiences that meet the needs of their children.

The first is through the Learning Themes. 5 Learning Themes related to the Olympic and Paralympic values have been selected by a County wide 2012 Planning Group consisting of representatives from schools and settings from across Kent.

Schools and colleges are invited to develop learning experiences for their children and young people in any of the Learning Themes. Project or case study reports, including photographs and video, can be submitted to the Kent 20in12 website so that your work can be shared.

It is our aim to collect 20 high quality learning projects every 12 months – hence 20in12!

The second way Kent 20in12 can be delivered is through ‘Go For It’.
Go For It is a simple, co-ordinated learning framework that enables all schools and settings across Kent to engage in a range of learning opportunities and challenges leading up to the start of the London 2012 Games.

‘Go for It’ aims to link with current learning, physical activity, sporting and cultural programmes which underpin the 2012 National Agenda for Young People in a way that meets the needs of young people from 4 years to 16 years. Again, any project or case study reports can be submitted to the web site.

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