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4 - Treasured Moments

This element aims to create a lasting memento that records the experiences and memories during London 2012 for the: Young Person, School, Community. This will form part of the young people's legacy programme for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Schools will be encouraged to utilise the existing good practice of working collaboratively across local Educational Districts and their communities. Below is an example of a delivery model for this element

Young Person

  • Recording the journey and enjoyment that pupils experienced during a special time in British history
  • Reflect the diverse learning experiences and opportunities generated by the Games
  • Personal memento tracking individual development
  • Reminder of the project(s) that pupils were involved in leading up to the Games

Examples of a Memento

  • Scrapbook
  • Photo Album
  • 2012 Badges
  • Certificates
  • T-shirt
  • Electronic ‘blog’
  • PRIDE Pencils


  • Celebrates success and legacy of the Games by linking into the school's activities
  • Provides inspiration for further projects related to sporting / cultural events e.g. 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • Acts as a school record of the challenges and inspiration of pupils across the curriculum
  • Reflects the key skills and development of pupils, such as creativity, independent learning and leadership.

Examples of a Memento

  • Video diary
  • Sculpture / Artwork
  • Dedicated area within the school with highlights of the Games
  • Collage / Mural
  • Trophies / Colours
  • Name of Houses
  • Plaque


  • Creates a network of volunteers for future projects at local and national level
  • Demonstrates collaborative links between school and community clubs/events
  • Evidence of community cohesion demonstrating the positive work of the school
  • Young people becoming leaders within the community

Examples of a Memento

  • 2012 Community Garden
  • Community Awards
  • Picture Gallery highlighting local competitors and volunteers at the Games
  • Sculpture / Artwork
  • Festival / Carnival inspired by the values
  • Future events / projects


See below for some examples of how to deliver the 4 elements of the Go for it challenge:


The link below shows an example of how schools/settings can structure the 'Go For It' Challenge:


Download information documents (pdf format) outlining the 'Go For It' Challenge and examples of how the elements can be delivered: