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3 - Sporting Challenge

This element aims to create 'The Active Participant'. Pupils will complete a Sporting Challenge that will engage pupils with new sporting activities and competition, leadership and healthy lifestyle. The term aims to impact on: Young Person, School, Community. Below is an example of a delivery model for this element.

Young Person - 'The Active Participant'

  • Demonstrates the Values through performance, officiating, coaching etc
  • Experience a wide range of activities other than traditional PE. Improved knowledge to lead an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Develops leadership and self esteem through sport
  • Understand how to improve performance
  • Experience competition with sport
  • Engage young people not ordinarily engaged


  • Clear leadership pathways for pupils in all subjects
  • Strong Healthy schools ethos
  • 5 hour offer with high attendance rates
  • Podium for sport / PE related successes
  • High participation by all
  • Caters for the most talented, and is inclusive of alternative sporting roles
  • Contribute to the school GET SET blog


  • Sport used as a vehicle to address common issues (crime, obesity etc)
  • Collaborative sporting events school / club links
  • Creation of strong leadership and volunteering networks
  • Adults engaged in learning and training
  • Active families

Subject Specific Example

School Subject: PE
Value Chosen: Equality

Project & Aims:
Creating Inclusive Sports - Pupils are set the Sporting Challenge of creating their own sport that is inclusive for both Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Pupils will explore the needs of different groups, and then create a sport and the roles within it. Pupils will play their sports in a competition style festival at the end of term.

PRIDE Podium Date:
18/07/2011 – a date is set for the school event and all work to be completed by.

PRIDE Passport:
Online resources will enable pupils to explore relevant websites and provide guidance for their ideas. Online tasks/resources can be printed and inserted into the passport or saved electronically as part of the passport. Pupils can also blog about their thoughts on the project and any 2012 ideas/facts they have, and collate all of this into their Passport. They will be able to track ‘test’ competitions throughout the term to trial their sport.

Learning Outcomes:
Pupils will improve their understanding of what ‘equality’ means and experience different roles within a sporting context. They will also experience new and engaging activities which they have created. Pupils will face competition and thus challenge their sporting ideas and abilities against those from other classes and potentially other schools.


See below for some examples of how to deliver the 4 elements of the Go for it challenge:


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Download information documents (pdf format) outlining the 'Go For It' Challenge and examples of how the elements can be delivered: