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Get Set

1 - Get to Know

This element aims to create the Informed Spectator. Pupils will Get to Know about the Games and their values through PRIDE. This will be achieved on the following levels: Young Person | School | Community.

Below is an example of a delivery model for this element

Young Person - 'The Informed Spectator'

  • Understands the Olympic and Paralympic Values
  • Knows history of the Games
  • Can identify heroes and great Olympians/Paralympians
  • Has knowledge of events surrounding the games
  • Acknowledges different cultures.


  • Values adopted by school to underpin good citizenship
  • Olympic/Paralympic stimulus for all subjects
  • National Get Set themes inspire project based learning and creative curriculum
  • Pride Podium/Awards adopted to celebrate all aspects of school life
  • Creates a group identity
  • Adopt an Olympic theme as a class project
  • Celebrates success
  • Contributes to the school GET SET blog.


  • Values link the school to its community
  • Joint learning between schools
  • Embrace culture to develop understanding
  • Network of people/organisations/events inspired by agreed Olympic themes
  • Children lead family to become informed spectators.

Subject Specific Example

School Subject: English

Value Chosen: Personal Excellence

Project & Aims:
Poems about achieving World Records - Pupils will Get To Know Olympic and Paralympic history, values and records. Pupils will then write a series of poems about how achieving Personal Excellence can help you set a world record.

PRIDE Podium Date:
15/12/2010 – a date is set for the school event and all work to be completed by.

PRIDE Passport:
Online resources will enable pupils to explore relevant websites and provide guidance for their work. Online tasks/resources can be printed and inserted into the passport or saved electronically as part of the passport. Pupils can also blog about their thoughts on the project and any 2012 ideas/facts they have, and collate all of this into their Passport.

Learning Outcomes:
Pupils will improve their English skills by learning how to write a variety of poems from different perspectives, whilst at the same time learning about both the Olympic and Paralympic Games using the values.


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