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2 - Cultural Challenge

This element aims to build a 'Creative Explorer'. Pupils will complete a Cultural Challenge that promotes creativity, investigation, innovation and performance. The PRIDE values will expose pupils to new and diverse concepts, impacting on: Young Person, School, Community. Below is an example of a delivery model for this element

Young Person - 'Creative Explorer'

  • Explore the world through a range of mediums i.e. art, science, technology
  • Express themselves using a range of mediums i.e. written, physical, electronic
  • Identify heroes of science, art, technology
  • Develop their own cultural identity through exploration of subjects and themselves
  • Introduce new and diverse cultures
  • Understands the contribution of different cultures to the Games


  • Create a school identity using the Values
  • Strong equality ethos that aids learning
  • Experience a range of different cultures
  • Contributes to the school GET SET blog
  • Challenges pupils through research and investigation of cultural diversity
  • Culture, innovation and creativity as a stimulus to explore art and science
  • Freedom and flexibility to express themselves through all subjects
  • Explore through a cross-curricular approach


  • Use Values to link school to its Community
  • Cultural events at local to international level between schools and communities
  • Informing young people, families and communities to become better citizens
  • Enterprise and commercial links to broaden knowledge and increase aspirations

Subject Specific Example

School Subject: Science
Value Chosen: Inspiration

Project & Aims:
Building the Ultimate Olympian – Pupils are set the Cultural Challenge of building the ultimate Olympic or Paralympic athlete. Pupils examine the science behind inspirational athletes and build their own. The ‘Ultimate 2012 Race’ at the end of term allows the pupil to present and explain their scientific ideas in a race format.

PRIDE Podium Date:
11/04/2011 – a date is set for the school event and all research / presentations to be completed by.

PRIDE Passport:
Online resources will enable pupils to explore relevant websites and provide guidance for their work. Online tasks/resources can be printed and inserted into the passport or saved electronically as part of the passport. Pupils can also blog about their thoughts on the project and any 2012 ideas/facts they have, and collate all of this into their Passport.

Learning Outcomes:
Pupils will begin to understand the science (e.g. biology) behind their heroes and use this inspiration to create a super athlete. The task will help to improve both their understanding of the human body and stimulate creativity. The task will also build confidence through the ‘Race’ presentations at the end of term.


See below for some examples of how to deliver the 4 elements of the Go for it challenge:


The link below shows an example of how schools/settings can structure the 'Go For It' Challenge:


Download information documents (pdf format) outlining the 'Go For It' Challenge and examples of how the elements can be delivered: