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London 2012 is actively seeking schools to become members of the Get Set Network so they can set up a special family of schools who show an ongoing commitment to the Olympic and Paralympics Values. These schools will receive privileges only available to members of the ‘GET SET Network’

Just a very quick note to let you know that LOCOG have created a series of Get Set network toolkits to help schools and colleges submit their applications. There are different versions of the toolkit depending on what type of school is applying, with specific and relevant case studies and images. LOCOG also put some sample applications online, so that schools can see what kind of thing we are looking for.
All of these materials can be downloaded from here: http://getset.london2012.com/en/join-us/top-tips-for-joining
You do not need a username or password to access them.

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This is the next step on from registration to the Get Set programme which your school needs to ensure has already taken place by going to the following link http://getset.london2012.com/en/home
(95% of Kent Schools have already registered)

Benefits of Becoming a GET SET Network School

  • Permission to use London 2012 branding – namely the Get Set logo - on school website and headed paper
  • National recognition of your school
  • Additional competitions, prize draws, support, materials, games
  • Opportunities yet to be determined but likely to include tickets and stronger links with Torch Relay when it passes through Kent in 2012
  • Eventually ‘everything’ will be driven through schools who are Members, e.g. inviting your students to be spectators to try out the new facilities at the Olympic Park in 2011/12

How do I join?

  • Go to http://getset.london2012.com/en/home
  • Once on the home page, below the tabs, click on point 3: Apply to join the Get Set Network
  • Login with your username and password (you would have used this to register onto the Get Set Programme, if you have forgotten then contact the Education Team on 01634 729877.

Submitting an application to the GET SET Network

The Get Set network application form is short and simple. Use the tabs above to follow the steps


In not more than 200 words, tell us why you got involved in Get Set
Some examples you may be able to include in this section:

  • You need to demonstrate a general commitment and excitement about using London 2012 as a stimulus for promoting learning across the curriculum.
  • You intend using the Values of the Olympics and Paralympics as a platform to support a range of whole school activities, particularly in areas such as personal development, equality issues, and raising expectations.
  • Using the Olympics and Paralympics as a stimulus to inspire pupils to realise their potential within themselves to be the best they can be, citing some of the remarkable achievements of ‘sporting heroes’.

In not more than 200 words, summarise what you and your students have done/are doing to demonstrate a commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

Some examples you may be able to include in this section:

  • Include the fact that your school is an active member of Kent’s Learning Programme ‘Kent 20in12’
  • Your school has ‘signed up to the Values’ as part of a whole county initiative in September 2008 following the ‘handover’ ceremonies in Beijing
  • You are using the 7 Olympic and Paralympic Values through the PRIDE message which has been adopted by all Kent schools
    Personal Excellence
    Respect and Friendship
    Determination and Courage
  • You have 2012 as a standing agenda item on School Council meetings

In not more than 200 words, tell us what plans you have to continue this work in the future.

  • In this section include ways in which you are going to allow the children to take the lead in learning projects, organising events, developing leadership programmes, introducing rewards systems linked to the values, getting children to become more physically active.
  • Signing up to Kent’s ‘Go For It’ Challenge which requires you to develop your own schools 2012 Learning Plan. For further information visit the Go For It section of this website.

What makes a successful application?

The Get Set team is looking for applications which demonstrate three things:

  • How you are using the Games to add value to the life of the school/college
  • A commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Values
  • High levels of learner engagement in the development and delivery of your Values-based initiatives and projects.


If you are having problems using the online process to register with the Get Set Network then please download the offline version and use that to register.