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Date: Sep, 2009 Views: 2064

Pattern through Gymnastics

What we wanted to do

To develop a routine which showed pattern through movement.

What we did

Using the Turner exhibition as a starting point, the children looked at how they could show pattern in their movements. They decided that a sequence of movements would demonstrate this. The children attended gymnastics club once a week and during this time they practised their sequence of movements as a group and developed their gymnastic ability. Over the course of 4 terms, the children improved their ability to stay together as a group and tighten their routines. They produced two routines and performed these to the other schools who were involved in the project.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

Not only did the children dramatically improve their gymnastic ability, they also learnt to work together as a group and persevere with themselves and one another to develop and improve their routines. The children were proud of themselves, for working together, developing their skills and performing to an audience. They learnt to appreciate the work of other schools and commit to a project which took a long time to complete.

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Many of the children shared with others what they had been doing and this has inspired other children to join gymnastics club and meet the challenge of acquiring new skills. The year 2 children who took part in this project have since moved on to their junior school.