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Date: Jul, 2011 Views: 2656

Bright Sparks Club

What we wanted to do

We wanted children to be part of a planning group to create activities and events to promote the Olympic and Paralympic values in our school. We wanted them to be actively involved in the organisation and direction of the 2012 experience in our school, not just participants in any organised events. Our class teachers were asked to identify any ‘Bright Sparks’ they had in their class. By ‘Bright Sparks’ we were not specifically looking for the most able children, but those children who had the attitude and skills to ‘get things done!’.

What we did

With the children identified we invited them to attend an after school ‘Bright Sparks’ club which would run for five weeks. We explained what we would like them to achieve and set out the following timetable:-

Week 1 – We introduced the project and discussed the Olympic and Paralympic values. Where do we see them in everyday life? Children had the opportunity to use the internet to research events/stories where individuals had shown the values (both in sport and outside of sport). These were shared and discussed.
Week 2 – How can we show the values in school?  What can each child do to show Personal Excellence, Respect, etc … ? We then discussed examples of individuals in school who may have already done this?
Week 3 – Working in small groups and each choosing a different value, the children then discussed ways how their value could be promoted in school. They used the internet to see what else was being done by other schools around the country (Get Set and Kent 20in12 websites).
Week 4 – The children were given the opportunity to plan their event/activity. Who would it be for? What resources would be needed? How much would it cost to run? What would be the outcome of holding this event/activity?
Week 5 – The children had the opportunity to present their ideas to the Head teacher.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

The children came up with some amazing ideas which will be put forward to the London 2012 planning group for consideration. If their proposal is approved then those children will have the satisfaction of knowing that every single child in the school will benefit from their hard work and effort. It will be a lasting reminder that they have played their part in the London 2012 experience and something we hope will leave a legacy in the school for the years to come.

‘Bright Sparks’ ideas

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

It is hoped that every child will benefit from any of the activities that have been propsed. We have many children in our school with very low aspirations and if these events can inspire then that would be a great success. For the ‘Bright Sparks’ involved there is already a huge sense of achievement and the excitement that something they have created may form part of the school’s curriculum in 2011/12.