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Date: Aug, 2009 Views: 2208

2012 Our Personal Best

What we wanted to do

We wanted to create a film that incorporated the themes our personal best, 2012 Olympics and pattern.

What we did

To begin the project the group gathered together and discussed the themes of the project and how we could use ICT to portray these.  The children decided they liked the idea of creating their own film.

First we discussed feelings and emotions that you experience when you are competing, striving and achieving your personal best.  The children thought of interesting vocabulary and phrases to reflect these feelings and emotions such as ecstatic, elated, and adrenaline pumped and so on.

The six Year 5 G&T children involved in the project then starred in and filmed video clips of Olympic games events using a video camera purchased as part of the 2012 project.

The videos were then downloaded to the computer and the children were able to use software to manipulate these.  They used Windows MovieMaker (which some members of the group had never used before) to combine photographs, video and music to create their own short film.  They also added effects to the videos for example, speeding up, slow motion and changing colour.  They used effects that emphasised the feelings/emotion.  For example, the video of them sprinting was in slow motion with the caption ‘exhausted’.  The group also learnt how to insert transitions between images and videos to incorporate the theme of pattern.  They created titles that represented the feelings that you experience and phrases that represented thoughts and emotions such as encouragement/determination etc.  They also used effects on the text such as scrolling across the screen or flashing.

When the children had finished their individual films they evaluated each others and they made improvements and adjustments based on their peers advice.  The films were then joined as one large overall film in which each child had a section which they created.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

The children were able to develop their ICT skills including:

The children were able to work as part of a team, advising and encouraging each other.  They were able to try ideas and realise when they were not successful and appropriate to the task.  They persevered when their proved to be problems with
the ICT and are therefore proud of their overall achievements.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were also all incredibly proud to have their work presented at Droit House.

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

The children are able to take these skills into the classroom and share what they have been doing.  Some of the group have also been set a project by their class teacher to use their new found ICT skills and develop their knowledge further by continuing to use Windows MovieMaker.

The children’s work will also be celebrated in assembly and hopefully the film will be uploaded onto the 20in12 website by Phil Pittock and go forward to be one of the best 20 in Kent.