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Date: Aug, 2009 Views: 2440

2012 Inspired Art Project

What we wanted to do

We wanted to give Year 6 pupils, who were gifted & talented in art, an opportunity to take part in a project that would enrich and extend their learning. We began by asking pupils to fill in a questionnaire to find out what their understanding of art was. We then aimed to widen the pupil’s understanding of art & artists by taking them on a trip to the Turner Centre in Margate to see Superabundant. The pupils discussed the themes of ‘2012’ ‘Pattern’ and ‘Personal Best’ and decided to base their project around the Upton Running Team.

What we did

What impact did it have for the children involved?

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Gave an opportunity to work with pupils on G & T register for art.