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Theme:Creativity Innovation and Movement ยป

Date: Sep, 2010 Views: 2681

Olympic/Paralympic Art Competition

What we wanted to do

Raise awareness and interest in the Olympic Games through recreating the original Olympic art competitions that took place 1912-1948. To provide schools with an opportunity to link art to the Olympic theme whilst enabling every pupil to take part in the compettiion

What we did

Provided schools with information about the orginal Olympic Art Competitions to inspire and educate their pupils. Created a competition in which pupils from all ages were invited to enter a piece of artwork that reflected either the Olympic values, an event or advertisie the 2012 London games.We linked with the new Turner Contemporary to judge the competition entries. Winners were selected in each year group from Yr1- 13. A display of the winning artwork and awards presentation took place at our celebration event at the Margate Winter Gardens.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

Children became more aware and interested in the Olympics and the link between sport and art. It also raised confidence and self esteem for pupils who were awarded as winners or runners up. All children efforts were recognised with a participation certifiicate.

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Schools that have taken part are planning how to introdue the theme into their scheme of work ready for next years competition, and other schools who have seen the results are aiming to get involved next time.