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Whole School Pride

What we wanted to do

The idea to link PRIDE into a whole school reward system was developed due to the old reward system losing value and not being used. The Olympic and Paralympic PRIDE values were thought, by SLT, to be perfect in promoting and rewarding positive attitudes, effort and behaviour. Year Leaders were asked to consult with their respective students councils to discuss how the new reward system could take shape.

What we did

As a school we used the Olympic and Paralympic values to inspire a new whole school reward system.  We now use the acronym of PRIDE to target and recognise positive attitudes and behaviours and reward those students who demonstrated these values in lessons and around school.  Stickers were printed and distributed to staff (See images below) so that an instant reward can be given that would be easy for the students to collect and collate in their planners.

Students that display any of these virtues during the school day (both in and out of lessons) are awarded with the appropriate PRIDE sticker.  They collect these throughout the term and depending on the number collected are awarded with Pride Privileges eg, use of the Field at Lunch Times.  Also those students that have collected over a certain number are offered a priority place on the schools end of term Pride reward trip.

During Tutor Time Year 7 students designed different PRIDE poster that are displayed around the school helping to promote the Olympic and Paralympic values (see images below).  Assemblies about the Olympic and Paralmpic games were given to all year groups to launch the new reward system.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

So far over 100 students have received Pride Privileges and there have been 3 Pride reward trips that have involved over 200 students.
Students’ Comments:

Teachers’ Comments:

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

The PRIDE posters that were designed by students (see images below) are displayed around the school in classrooms and corridors reminding students of the expected positive attitudes and values that they should have.

Students now carry Pride Privilege cards which has their photo on and level of privileges they can enjoy.  These cards are presented in assemblies by the heads of year and head teacher.  A letter is also sent home to inform parents of their son’s achievements.