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Date: May, 2010 Views: 2447

Canterbury High 20in12 Films

What we wanted to do

The project aims to focus on the theme of ‘Creativity, Innovation and Movement’. The students will use the visual medium of animation and use movement to represent their views and ideas around art, culture, sport, healthy and active life style amongst other areas the young people may choose to explore.

During the lessons we wanted the pupils to lead every aspect of production, writing scripts, creating characters designs and planning their own project. The young people were asked to research the themes of the 2012 games and then create animations which get across their ideas. The aim is for the pupils to produce all of the animations involved in the projects, The pupils will benefit from learning new media skills using digital cameras and new animation software, as well as building confidence and self esteem producing their short pieces.

What we did

Over a six week term a Year 10 gifted and talent group, each produced a short drawn animation around the themes of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympics values.

The class will were set a brief to research the games themes and produce a short film about what the games and their values mean to them. Each pupil then produced an animation with a voice over expressing their views.

Animator Dan Richards from Animate & Create work alongside Rob Morse, Head of Film and Media at Canterbury High School to plan and facilitate each of the lessons. Dan provided the equipment for the sessions and designed the program ahich can be seen below:

Week One: The pupils will focus on researching and developing their ideas for the animation, write voice over for their films.
Week Two: The group will plan, design and storyboard their projects
Week Three: The group will start to animate and record their voice narrations.
Week Four: The group will continue animating and recording narrations.
Week Five: The group will continue animating and recording narrations.
Week Six: Edit films and add music

For more examples of animation work in Kent schools please see www.animateandcreate.com 

What impact did it have for the children involved?

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

The school are considering offering the oppportunity of drawn animation within their Media courses.