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Theme:Olympic Paralympic Values ยป

Date: May, 2010 Views: 2311

20in12 Olympics

What we wanted to do

The aim of our course was to give pupils an inspiring and exciting introduction to the upcoming 2012 Olympic games. We wanted to encourage and motivate them to take an interest in the sports and history of the games. We also wanted them to explore and understand the olympic values and how they can impact on their lives.

What we did

The children came to 5 sessions at the Kent Spitfires Study Centre based at the Kent Cricket Ground. the children were grouped into three teams, GB, China and Australia. They were able to earn points for their team throughout the sessions. We did a range of activities on the computers including posters based on the Olympic values, researching and creating athlete profiles using Windows Movie Maker and writing poems based on the Olympic and Paralymics.

The course also included two sports sessions using the Olympics as inspiration for running, jumping and throwing activities. All the students also recorded their results and created graphs to display their data.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

We only had one child miss a session, due to illness, which shows the commitment and dedication that the children have shown for the course. The children developed and improved many skills over the course including: team working, listening, positive mental attitude / determination, respect for others, creativity and friendship. The children responded well to the points competition and worked hard to get points for their country.

Student’s comments

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Two poems from the group were entered into a national competition run by Playing for Success. One child has won the regional prize and his entry is going into the National competition. The school have been very pleased with this recognition and it is hoped that this success will encourage literacy based activities.

We held an assembly in the school to celebrate the acheivements of the students. All of the children received a certificate and disc of their work. The winning team also received gold wrapped chocolate coin medallions and the runners up won silver and bronze wrapped chocolate coins.