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Date: May, 2010 Views: 2529

The 5 Ring Challenge

What we wanted to do

Whole School Sports College Long Term Enrichment Plan

To complete all 5 challenges between February 2010 and July 2012.
a) To involve the Whole school, students and staff
b) To involve as many families, friends, community and business partners and celebrities as possible.

To use the 5 ring challenge as a catalyst to motivate and promote widespread interest and enthusiasm for London 2012 and beyond.
To include a host of curriculum links, interests and life skills to raise attainment and inform individuals in a multi activity enrichment and attainment programme.

Based on an idea by a group of Year 11 students, the school plans to carry out 5 whole school challenges between February 2010 and July 2012.
With plenty of time to plan and carry out each challenge, there will be much emphasis on Whole school involvement and cross curricular links.

Using all the Olympic and Paralympic values which have been linked together by the Kent 20 in 12 programme creating the theme PRIDE the plan is to use all these values and at the same time achieve a selection of challenges which will run for 2 and a half years.
Each challenge is colour coded corresponding to the 5 Olympic ring colours.
In the school reception a large skeleton outline of the Olympic rings will be displayed.
When each challenge is achieved the corresponding coloured ring will be hung in its correct place. (How we do this legally will be considered through consultation with LOCOG)
There will be no particular order of challenges; some are big projects and will take longer than others. As the challenges take fruition the process will be detailed and visualised through a 2012 launch display.


The Blue ring Challenge- Personal Excellence.

Task - To earn two thousand and twelve specially purchased blue Personal Excellence tokens between February 2010 and July 2012.

The PE department have piloted a new scheme which involves awarding merits for
Personal Excellence
Respect and Friendship
Determination and Courage
The plan is for the Whole school to adopt a similar system using a colourful record template placed in many areas around the school including all classrooms.
Teachers, TA’s and other identified staff will additionally hold a number of special Personal Excellence tokens which they will award at times when individuals or groups have Excelled in any of the PRIDE values.
These will be placed in visible tubes in each classroom or designated area and transferred weekly into the main collecting tube in reception for all to see. A marked line will denote when the 2012 tokens are complete.

Sports College will continue to co-ordinate the process and a back up copy of awards should be kept.
Time span start week beginning 22nd February – Finish any time before July 22nd 2012.
Opportunities to meet in houses will encourage an ongoing effort.

Costs incurred from sports College.

Black ring – Respect and friendship

Task – Each school house (there are 4) to adopt either:-

a) An Olympic/Paralympics Sport
b) A past or current Olympian/Paralympian.
c) A past or current Olympic / Paralympics Team

Over a minimum of one academic Year, Students and Staff from each House will work together on a Project covering as many different aspects of the school curriculum as they can incorporating a multi faceted active project centred around their chosen Olympic /Paralympics theme. Included in their project will be:-

1) All pupils and many staff as possible involved.
2) Evidence gathered and presented in a lasting visual display.
3) A visit by the most notable famous person directly involved with their project.

The challenge will be completed when all 4 houses have finalised their display, counted up the number of curriculum links and actually carried out their High profile visit to the school at an event of their choice. Eg Sports day or Fete. This will also take on a competitive element so that each house can strive to present the best project, use the most curriculum links, involve more community links and business partners and ultimately “Grab” the support of a high profile celebrity. Costing will also be taken into consideration.
An unbiased external panel will be invited in to judge and determine a winning House and present the earned Black Ring. All 4 Houses must complete their project in order to achieve the ring.

The Head of Lower School will co-ordinate this Cross curricular Project and the Inter-House steering group will support the organisation. House Captains and PE department staff will motivate and encourage their own designated houses.

Red ring – Inspiration
This challenge has a focus on Literacy. English is our Second specialist Subject.
One of the priority English targets for Sports College is to increase attainment trough the “Literature aspect of Reading.”
The task will be for every pupil in the school, with guidance, to select a book/story which inspires them even if this means starting and then rejecting a number of texts.  After listening to or reading the text, sharing their thoughts about it and trying to articulate what it was that they were inspired by, the students then will be encouraged to watch the text presented in a different format such as theatre or cinema.  Having already established a good understanding of the text through the first reading, students will feel a sense of ownership of the text which will then inspire them to critically evaluate the film/theatre version that they experience leading to enthusiastic responses which may inspire future reading.
It will be co-ordinated and led by the Learning dimension Leader for English and will run for an academic year starting September 2010.
Costs from Sports college Funding.

Yellow Ring - Determination and Courage
This has been part planned but will be the final challenge. We are happy to disclose it to those who need to know but do not wish to announce it to the whole school yet. Therefore it will not be available on our blog.
Costs through Sports College Funding.

Green Ring – Equality
This challenge is an Art Media and Design project and will be a lasting legacy for the school.
The task is to produce an external Mural on a visible Wall at the front of the school focused on the Theme “We’re all on our way to 2012 and beyond which will incorporate ideas from the World of Sport, Arts, Culture and Business.  Part of the design will include “(possibly) foot/tyre/face prints of every student, past or present, member of staff, governor, and volunteer, any members of our community partners, Business Links or visitors who wish to be part of it aiming to reach a total of 2012 individual prints.
It will be designed and planned initially during Performing/Arts Week in the summer by students who will be invited to apply.  Work will then begin on bringing the agreed design to the wall itself.
Time scale:  start June 2010 – finish before July 2012.

Co-ordinated and led by the Art department.

Funding sourced from local community.

What we did

This challenge is ongoing it hs been submitted to the Whole School and has begun but no results thus far.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

All students are excited about it.

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

We expect the Personal Excellance awards to have an impact in raising attainment and achievement across the school.
The inter-house challenge hopefully will support a more cohesive and positive school community.

The mural will leave a lasting legacy for the future.