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Date: Jul, 2009 Views: 6213

Values Through Pride

What we wanted to do

We wanted to introduce a new whole school reward system that helped to raise standards and improve the ethos across the school, raise self-esteem and confidence.

We wanted to review our present Reward system to try and make it more accessible to a wider range of students by recognising not only their success within the classroom but also their contribution to the ethos of the school through their willingness to help and support each other.

What we did

Using the Olympic and Paralympic values of Personal excellence, Respect and friendship, Inspiration, Determination and courage and Equality to create the PRIDE award scheme.  This was also developed in line with the GetSet values educational programme and the Kent LA 20in12 education strategy.

We had a series of 5 assemblies in which we introduced the Values of the Olympics and Paralympics, using the ‘PRIDE’ format which was introduced to the school on September 17th when the school ‘signed up to the Values’ to celebrate the Handover ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Beijing.  Each week a new Value was introduced in assembly and this then formed the basis of discussion during tutor time throughout that week, so students would gain a clear understanding of how to interpret the Value into their own life and circumstances.

E.g. Assembly on Personal Excellence highlighted the extraordinary talents that people have in a range of areas such as Art, Music, Science as well as Sport.  Tutorials focussed on what makes someone successful and have a better understanding of how these factors could help them as young people to achieve personal excellence within their own lives.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

Students are rewarded for one of the five categories – they receive a certificate which is presented in assembly or tutor time.  The aim is to collect an award for each of the five categories.  When this happens the student achieves a Bronze Award, after the next five a Silver Award and after the next five a Gold Award.  This has enabled us to raise the profile of the Olympics and Paralympics as well as use the sport specialism to celebrate success and achievement across all areas of the school.  This has also had an impact on improving behaviour and community cohesion as evidence by Ofsted in our recent inspection.

Through exploring the 7 Olympic and Paralympic Values through ‘PRIDE’ the children had a greater appreciation of what they need to do to be successful in their learning but also with their own relationships and be willing to help others to demonstrate a range of skills which are essential to be successful as a person.

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Introduced using the Olympic Handover and success of the Beijing Olympics – which were inspirational.  Also used each category as theme for an assembly and then launched the certificates.  The certificates are presented across all subject areas, all learning communities by all staff and students.  Students repeatedly reminded of the important values and how they help everyone to work together to improve standards.