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Theme:Olympic Paralympic Values ยป

Date: Mar, 2010 Views: 2836

The PRIDE awards

What we wanted to do

Our main aim was to raise the profile of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in our school and ensure the children not only knew the importance of the games coming to London but also encourage them to get excited about them too!

After speaking to The North School, a local secondary, we decided that an excellent way to do this was to launch our own PRIDE awards reward system. We wanted the 7 Olympic and Paralympics values to be embedded in our everyday school life and ethos.

The idea is, if a child shows one of the 7 Olympic values they can be nominated for a PRIDE award, by either staff or their peers. The nominations are read each week and any that particularly stand out are then read out in assembly and the pupil is awarded with a PRIDE certificate, a 2012 ruler and a 2012 sticker. The child’s photo is also taken and displayed on our Olympic and Paralympic Values display board. 

What we did

The PRIDE awards were launched during a class assembly where one of our Year 3 classes introduced the 7 values and demonstrated what each of the values meant to them. The assembly was a great success with singing, dancing, football skills, musicians, drama and much more. It most certainly did its job and got the rest of the school thoroughly excited about the games. 

What impact did it have for the children involved?

The childen are all well and truly ‘buzzing’ about the Olympics and this is reflected in the amount of PRIDE award nominations that we receive from the children everyday. The children are all thoroughlly enjoing the opportunity to nominte peers that they are proud of and that they think deserve a PRIDE award.

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

So far, three pupils have received a PRIDE award and it was a really special moment for the whole school, watching those three children go up and receive the first PRIDE awards.

Since starting the PRIDE awards we have been accepted onto the GET SET Network which, in time we are hoping will have a big impact on the school. But, as the PRIDE awards at St Mary’s are only a week old, it is hard to say what differences they will lead to but we are hoping that embedding the values into our school life and ethos we will raise standards in, not only the curriculum but in all areas of school life.