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Date: Mar, 2010 Views: 2514

20in12 Olympics!

What we wanted to do

We wanted to encourage and provide new experiences and also enhance the pupil’s knowledge of the Olympics. In doing this we were looking to develop pupil’s team working skills, get them to engage in physical activity, develop a cultural and geographical understanding of the Olympics around the world and finally encourage the pupils to embrace the Olympics values through collaboration and participation in events.

These aims also fit into the schools ‘vision’ by helping them achieve their targets of being a “Twenty first century school”,  “Making sure all children are inspired to aim high and meet their full potential” and the children “Enjoying a healthy lifestyle”.

What we did

We worked with a group of pupils ranging from year 3 to year 6 once a week for five weeks. During this time the pupils designed and made T shirts promoting the Olympics, played a range of sports events themed around Olympic activities, interviewed a professional rugby player about his healthy lifestyle and attitudes, learnt about the history of the Olympics and the upcoming Olympics in London and finally the pupils made their own Olympic stadiums.

The pupils worked within their teams on each of these aspects, working on a wide range of games and quizzes developing their teamworking skills and leadership skills within the group. Points were awarded to teams for winning activities, for working well within their team, showing a good positive mental attitude and having respect and manners for others. At the end of the five weeks the groups hard work was recognised in a whole school assembly where the final points for each team were calculated. The winning team each received a gold medal, the second team each received a silver medal and the third a bronze medal each.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

The pupils certainly developed their knowledge of past Olympic games and the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. They completed a quiz in the first and last week of the course and every pupil scored much higher the second time around! They also developed and enhanced their:

Student’s comments

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

The group’s hard work was recognised not only in assembly but will also be in the next issue of the school newsletter. The Olympic stadiums they have made will also be showcased within the school for parents and other pupils to admire!