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Date: Jan, 2010 Views: 2862

Pass the Passion – Olympic Torch Mural Design

What we wanted to do

After news about the competition for young people to design their own Olympic Torch mural in the summer 2009, a number of our children asked to take part. They came together for an ideas session and spent an entire afternoon creating their designs.

Our children were given the opportunity to form a Pass the Passion choir, to sing the lyrics that we helped create at the ‘Schools Torch Conference’ back in Spring 2008.

What we did

There were about six children who took part. The children discussed their ideas and then used pens, pencils, crayons, to bring their ideas to life and worked up their final design. Eighteen of our pupils learned the words and actions to the Pass the Passion song and performed at Sandwich Tech School on June 22 to mark the choosing of the winner of the Olympic Mural competition.

What impact did it have for the children involved?

Students comments include
‘Exciting to be part of the Olympics.’ ‘Great to be involved.’ ‘Pleased with my design.’ ‘Nice to go out with children from other schools.’

Teachers comments include
‘It was a pleasure to take the children to sing at this event and be part of the ceremony.’ Mrs Wallis

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Pass the Passion and other Olympic events held at our school and Sandwich Tech raised the awareness of the Olympics and the importance of the upcoming Schools Olympic Torch Relay. We had our photos of these events on our school website for parents to see. The children that took part in the mural design explored what Dover meant to them individually and depicted this in both words and art.

More image from this event can be seen here »