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Theme:5 Rings, 1 World ยป

Date: Oct, 2009 Views: 2364

Pride in Partnership

What we wanted to do

To continue to keep the 2012 Olympic Games events at the forefront of Coastal Partnership’s schools planning by leading on a Partnership activity that represenatives from each school would join with.

What we did

2007/8 “5 Rings- One World” Sign up ceremony and 10 activities- 5 sports and 5 cultural based on the key theme. 3 pupil representatives from each of the 17 schools in the Partnership were invited to take part in groups of 6 ( different schools working toether). The event took place at Community College Whitstable with the SSCO and PE AST planning and leading activities on the all weather pitch with support from the College students. Following a cool down, certificates and medals were presented to each participant by the LCSP Manager

2008/9 PRIDE in Partnership - a similar format with 54 children and students signing their full name in the 5 Rings, with motivational video and music taking part together with adults in a warm up and the moving through a series of 10 activities. Again, medals and certificates were distributed  

What impact did it have for the children involved?

The KS1 and KS 2 children were amazed at the size of the sports facilities at the secondary schools - spatial awareness for KS1 - and excitement from KS2 that they might be attending the secondary school in a year’s time!
Building relationships between pupils from different schools who were placed in the same group
Increased confidence of the older students supporting younger children to achieve success in the activities
Increase in factual information

Did the work lead to any differences within the school?

Raised awareness at the beginning of the school year from which:
Coastal’s- 20 in 12 local network meeting was well attended with most of the schools represented and sharing ideas.
Action planning across the schools including promiotion of bids