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Tunbridge Wells

Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Tunbridge Wells district.

Olympic Poetry Competition and Book Publishing

March – May

Pupils across the District will be asked to create a poem that reflects their ideas and feelings about the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Each poem will be entered into a District competition with the poems all being judged by Philip Martin Brown from Waterloo Road.

All the poems that are entered will be published in a book for Schools and Gold, Silver and Bronze winners to have as a Lasting Memento.

Cookery/Food/Healthy Living – Design an Athlete’s Menu Competition

April – June

Children from all Key Stages will be asked to design a menu for an Olympic athlete to eat. All the entries will be judged and a winner from each Key Stage will be chosen. The winners will then be taken to a professional kitchen of a local restaurant and the children will create the meal, with the help of a professional chef.

The winner’s family will then be invited to eat the meal that has been prepared.

PRU Activities

April – June

Olympic themed indoor team based athletics event at St Johns, Tunbridge Wells.

HNES Activities

April - June

Visit to external areas of Olympic Park and surrounding area, including Greenwich Park. Olympic tour guide to provide guidance and information for this visit.

Swimming Gala

25 April

Tunbridge Wells Primary School Sport Association Annual Swimming Gala 2012 with special guest Chris Cook to award medals to all participants and trophies to the winning schools. Reports and photos will be available in near future. Chris Cook is a former GB and Olympic swimmer.

Olympic Torch Relay

1 May - 17 July

Starting on 1 May 2012 a replica of the Olympic torch will be sent out around all the schools in the District. Each school will have the Torch for a minimum of 24 hours and will be responsible for transporting the Torch to their neighbouring School. The children will decide how the Torch will be transported by their school, whether it is by walking, running or driving.

Each school will be asked to fill in a pledge card that will be displayed and will reflect the schools Olympic and PRIDE values. The Torch will finish up at the Town Hall the day before the London 2012 Torch arrives in the District and will be received by the Mayor of the town and displayed when the Olympic torch goes through the District.

Multi skills Olympics

21 – 22 June

This event will focus on the basic skills of athletics and familiar sports. It will be open to Years 1 and 2 and will be based centrally in Tunbridge Wells.

Year 3 and Year 4 Olympic Games

25 June

Students from Angley school will host an Olympic themed Sports day for local Year 3 and 4 Primary school children. Each school will attend the event as a particular country and will compete as this team for the duration of the event.

The event will commence with an Olympic presentation at the start of the day and explanation of the PRIDE values and how they will impact upon the day.

The day will finish with prizes being awarded to the overall winning team and those who have demonstrated one or more of the PRIDE values will also receive a special prize.

Year 3 and Year 4 Multi-activities Event

25 June

Teams will compete in a range of activities with links to the Olympics. Secondary schools will host and Primary teams will be allocated to central venues once all teams are confirmed.

Year 5 and 6 Pentathlon

27 June

This event is kindly organised and led by Claremont School. A range of athletic events will be open to those pupils in Years 5 and 6.

Year 7 to Year 9 Multi Sport Olympic

28 June

This event is for Key Stage 3 and will be hosted by St Gregorys School in Tunbridge Wells. Teams will be invited from all local secondary schools.

Paralympic games


Two events are being planned, one primary and one secondary, teams will compete in some of the activities which are closely linked to the Paralympic Games.

Lasting Celebration


A celebratory event is to be planned to recognise the achievements and events that have taken place within the district.