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Tonbridge & Malling

Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Tonbridge & Malling district.

Scarecrow Trail

3 June

Schools from across the District will be making Scarecrow models of their Olympic Sporting Heroes. These models will be displayed in shops, cafes, sports clubs and tourist centres throughout Tonbridge during the weekend of 3 – 5th June. This event links the schools with the Tonbridge Rotary club and the wider community.

Tonbridge Carnival

10 June

Schools will decorate a float and join the procession through Tonbridge High Street as part of the Tonbridge Carnival.
The theme of each float will be based on the Olympics and children will be positioned on the floats or walking alongside them.

Big Picture

15 June

A well-known painting with an Olympic theme will be displayed on scaffolding against Tonbridge Castle wall in Tonbridge High Street for two weeks in June. This painting will comprise of one hundred 30 sq cm canvas panels painted by local school children.

The unveiling will take place at 4pm on Friday 16th June where local school choirs will sing in celebration of London 2012. This project will be linked with Tonbridge Art Group and Tonbridge Arts Festival.

It’s a Knockout

5/6 July

It’s a knockout is an obstacle course based on the original TV programme with a twist. All of the obstacles, ranging from castles to ball pits are inflatable. Children will dress as Olympians and represent their school in timed relays and races, competing against other schools from the district. All competitors will be given a memento of their involvement.

Aylesford Olympics

11 July

Primary schools from across the Aylesford area will compete in mini Olympic events. The events will see children competing in a range of activities and events similar to those in the actual Olympic games. Aylesford school will be organising these events.

Tonbridge Olympics

12 July

All Secondary schools in the District will be invited to take part in a series of events held at Tonbridge School. Schools will enter teams of 6 from U13 (years 7 and 8) and U15 (years 9 and 10) and will take part in a variety of events including Water Polo, Hockey, Track and Field, Cycling and Rowing and Rock Climbing. Each school’s scores will go towards the overall medal table for their school.

In addition to the sporting element s of the day, schools will also enter a press team; these young people will record the event and submit their footage/reports as part of the legacy material.

Arts in Tents

15 July

A public celebration of the culture and arts of different countries linked to the Olympics. Each school will be allocated a country to research and will work with arts practitioners to create art to display/perform. Gazebos & materials will be provided to enable an Olympic themed opening ceremony followed by performances to schools and public in mini marquees in the T&MBC park beside Tonbridge Castle on Friday 15th June. This will schools Olympic event will tie in with Tonbridge Arts Festival.
The children will take part in a range of activities including dance, music, painting and model making based around the Olympics.

Infant Mini Olympics


5 primary schools from the Tonbridge area will compete in a Mini ‘Olympics’ at Longmead Primary School.
Events will be similar to those from the Olympic games and every child will receive an Olympic memento.

Mini Olympics

17 July

10 – 15 pupils from each school will be invited to take part in a Mini Olympics celebration. Each school will be given a Country to represent, and an Art project to complete related to the country before they attend the day. On 17 July the schools will arrive in fancy dress relating to their allocated country and each school will be provided an area to display their Art work.

The morning will consist of Coaching sessions in a variety of sports to provide the children with an insight into the sports that will be included in the Olympic and Paralympic Games this Summer. Aylesford School will be working with their sports leaders and young ambassadors to support the event.

All students will be provided with a medal and certificate to take away as a reminder of the day.

Leadership Skills Workshops & Travel


Project 1 - Kent’s Big Events Leaders – PRIMARY & SECONDARY LEADERS
Sports leaders from the District’s Primary and Secondary schools are invited to be involved in the celebration events which have been scheduled. The leaders will take on roles such as photographers, reporters and event helpers. 25 Primary schools in Tonbridge & West Kent will have Yr 5/6 sports leaders’ team already trained up, with each team having assigned photographers and reporters.

  • School Led Leadership Projects
  • Schools Torch Relay
  • Scarecrow Trail
  • Tonbridge Carnival
  • The Big Picture

Photographers and reporters will plot the progress of the project from early production through to finished article. All leaders will help on the event day; and a small selection of photos and an event report will be e-mailed through to Hayesbrook to form part of a legacy banner project.

Central Venue Events (Secondary school sports leaders)

  • It’s a knockout (primary) Thurs 5th July
  • It’s a knock out (secondary) Fri 6th July
  • Aylesford Olympics Wed 11th July
  • Infant Mini Olympics date TBC
  • Mini Olympics Tues 17th July

A maximum of 12 leaders, 2 photographers, 2 reporters and 6-8 event helpers will be required for each of the above events. This will provide local young people with the opportunity to get experience within their chosen roles.

A photography and journalism session will also be scheduled to assist the Primary and Secondary leaders with their roles.

Project 2 - Young Games Makers (YGM’s) – PRIMARY SCHOOL OPPORTUNITY
A group of 10 sports leaders from Hayesbrook/Tunbridge Wells Boys Grammar School have been selected as YGM’s and will be volunteering at the Olympic Athletics as kit carriers for the athletes. They will have to attend a number of training sessions in preparation for their role. YGM’s will talk in an assembly for 2-3 primary schools about their experiences and run sporting workshops for small groups.

Project 3 - Panathlon Leaders – SECONDARY LEADERSHIP
There will be an opportunity available for Secondary schools to train up a max of 24 leaders to be able to run Disability sports events. They will need to be able to attend a one day training session and must attend the local Panathlon event, where they will be leading the activities. Following their training they will be able to use their expertise to run sessions back in their own schools or for the local Primary schools.