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Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Swale district.

Swale Primary Schools Torch Relay

Term 6

In March 2012 the Torch design competition was launched across the District. Each Primary school within the area will select the best three from each Key Stage to go into an overall draw where the winner from each Key Stage will have their Torches made.
Once created these torches will tour the schools by minibus, and upon arrival Sports Leaders will run a range of activities to really engage and excite the children about the London 2012 Olympic Torch arrival in July. Activities proposed for the day include an Olympic “wake up and shake up” that all schools will be taught prior to the day and will then perform during this event.

East Kent Coastal (Swale) Primary Schools Torch Relay

Term 6

In January 2012 a number of cross-curricular competitions were launched – one of which was a Torch design competition. During term 6, the winning design will be created and passed school to school across the Isle of Sheppey to Teynham. Schools will choose how the Torch travels and will make their own “Friendship Torch” in advance that will be gifted to the next school, to form a ring of Friendship. The ring will be closed by boat as an East crossing of the River Swale.
As The torch arrives at each school, Young Ambassadors / Sports Leaders and Coaches will deliver activities for the handover; with some schools being visited by Athletes. All schools taking part will be presented with a memento; that will include photographs of all the Friendship Torches.
After the Relay the Torch will end up at the Swale20in12 Big Event.

The Big Event Cultural Fair

16 July 10am – 2pm

This event will be a culmination of the two District Torch Relays that will be taking place in Swale during term 6 of the academic year. The event will be open to all Swale Primary Schools and will involve a carousel of sporting and cultural activities that will be provided by Secondary schools, local sports clubs and Sports Leaders.