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Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Sevenoaks district.

Olympic Garden


Pupils from KS4 will be working with KS2 Primary School children to design, plan and build an Olympic Garden.

The KS4 pupils will visit and have a talk at Bore Place, Chiddingstone, where help and advice about planning the Garden will be provided.

Olympic Day, District Sports Event

27 June

Each school will represent a country and will take part in an Opening Ceremony and athletic themed races/event. During the day children will undergo coaching from external instructors, leaders and volunteers and will all come together towards the latter part of the day.

All competitors will receive a PRIDE award for participating.

Primary Olympic Festival

27 June

A festival of athletic and cultural celebrations held at Hextable School (Secondary).

Olympic Torch Celebration Week

27 June

This ‘Receiving The Torch’ event will comprise of an Olympic Flame Party involving all the local community where there will be a picnic and a number of sporting events to watch and participate in. Those attending the event will watch the Olympic Torch go past as it makes it journey across the County.

Disability Sport Athletics

28 June

Young physically disabled individuals from mainstream schools across the District will be invited to join Valence School in a traditional annual athletics sports day with a “Paralympics” theme.

Alternative Olympics

3 July

Foundation and KS1 students from across the District will participate in a day of Alternative Olympics where they will compete in events such as Scooter Slalom, Hobby Horse Hurdles, Welly Throwing and Space Hopper Bounce.

Multi Sports Olympic Challenge

4 July

5x Sports (Football, Netball, Athletics, Tennis and Rounder’s)

Individual Medals, Team Competition, Fair Play Award and Overall Winner.

Musical Opening Ceremony

4 July

A musical opening ceremony with a choir and orchestra made up from 15 schools, Hire of Sevenoaks School performance hall, 2 days of rehearsals and 1 night’s performance. This will be open to all schools, parents and local people.

Themed Decathlon

10 July

Details to follow…

Olympic/Paralympic Celebration and Summer Fair

13 July

Pupils from three school within the Sevenoaks district will join together at a venue near Brads Hatch (Paralympic Venue) to perform sport related activities within an arena. The event will open with an Olympic style opening Ceremony led and assisted by Sports Leader pupils from a local Secondary School.

Para-Olympic Picnic

18 and 19 July

In the grounds of Valence and Hextable schools on two consecutive days a celebration event will take place that will bring all schools in the District together to celebrate, share and inspire each other as the Torch travels throughout Kent.

Using the Values theme and the inspiration of the Games, combined teams will participate in various Orienteering /Torch activities, share a picnic and celebrate the achievements and experiences of individual schools via a big screen of prior localised events and displays.

A professional company will be used to help deliver a quality event and produce a video production where the excitement is long remembered.

Watch the flag come past the Village (Torch Celebration)

20 July

An opportunity for the District’s schools to come together and celebrate the Torch travelling through the area.

Pupils will participate in a number of sports activities and games that will be led by local sports clubs.

Each attendee will be given a lasting memento to help them remember this event and the Torch’s arrival.

School Torch Relay

20 weeks

Two Olympic torches will be created and will complete a torch relay travelling to all the schools in Sevenoaks. The Relay will last for 20 weeks and each school will have the Torch for a period of one week. During the week the Torch is in their school, the children will look at the PRIDE values and participate in cross-curricular activities.

The local newspaper will follow the Torch on its journey and will demonstrate to the public how excited and engaged the Sevenoaks schools are about the arrival of the Torch and London 2012.

All schools will be provided with a book of Sevenoaks activities and a flag to hang at their school as lasting mementos of this Relay. Each school will also give out PRIDE Value awards during the week with prizes such as stickers, rubbers and pencils also being given out.

Leadership Academy

Terms 5 and 6

The main aim of this project is to train year 9 students in Leadership in time to support the Big Event Programmer fro Sevenoaks south. Each group of students will be accompanied by at least one member of trained staff who will co-ordinate a programme for year 9 pupils to support all Sevenoaks Olympic events over the summer term. The young leaders will also run a mini-sports day for all of the local schools to take part in.

In addition to the main leadership programme, local clubs will also be invited to deliver bolt on leadership courses to make the running of more events sustainable for the future.

Olympic and Paralympic Inter Schools Festival

Terms 5 and 6

Schools will attend Milestone School and compete in Olympic and Paralympic activities such as Boccia, Athletics, Table Tennis, New Age Curling, Goalball and Sitting Volleyball.

Prior to the Festival each school will receive training by suitably qualified coaches and teachers.

Film Festival

Term 6 Film Final Showing Event

All schools will be invited to produce a short film with an Olympic/Paralympic theme. The best films from the District will be brought to an Awards presentation night.

Film Festival

Term 6 Film Final Showing Event

All schools will be invited to produce a short film with an Olympic/Paralympic theme. The best films from the District will be brought to an Awards presentation night.

A and T Art Sculpture

1 day workshop

A one day workshop where thirty year 6 pupils will take part in an A and T sculpture of their chosen Olympic hero.

Olympic and Paralympic Values Team Challenge


An inclusive cross-curricular competitive event to inspire Primary schools to Get involved in 2012. Schools will be invited to enter teams of 8 including 2 from a local special school. The pupils will take part in challenges around Creativity, Drama, IT, Handball and also the Olympic and Paralympic values.