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Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Maidstone district.

Torch Design

16 April

In conjunction with Maidstone District Council, all schools in Maidstone will be invited to take part in an Olympic torch design competition. Each school will choose a winning design and these designs will then be manufactured as a torch which will be used at the Leeds Castle sporting event on 19th July 2012. There will be an overall winner chosen from the winning entries by an independent judge. This overall winner will then be sculpted to create the lasting memento for the school children of the District.

Maidstone Primary School Mini-Olympics

27 June

Maidstone Secondary schools will host their local Primary schools on the 27th June for a Primary School Olympic Sports Day. The aim is for students to celebrate the Olympic ideals, participate in traditional Olympic sports and celebrate different cultures from around the world. Primary school students will compete against each other to score points and win medals for their allocated Country.

Athletics meeting for the Weald Consortium schools with an Olympic Theme

9 July

The event to be held at Boughton Monchelsea PS and organised by a member of school staff. The children from each school will represent one of the Olympic nations.

Olympic Festival

19 July

In conjunction with Maidstone Borough Council, all schools in Maidstone will be invited to take part in a festival of sport which will be run on the same day as the Olympic Torch arrives in Maidstone at Leeds Castle on July 19th. The event will act as a warm up to the LOCOG event in the evening. 

Over 1000 young people will be involved in the event through participation, leading and volunteering and they will represent countries from all areas of the world.  Activities will be made up of Olympic & Paralympic sports and games that are played by young people in other countries. All activities will be within an Olympic Park Style area where all of the Olympic and Paralympic venues play host to a different game. Venues are grouped into zones to represent the Olympic colours and the PRIDE values.

There will be an opening and closing ceremony where all are involved and countries will be led by their flag and torch bearers, before dance displays and mass warm ups.

Torch Relay Olympic Day

19 July

Pupils to take part in Olympic Activities at Harrietsham in the lead up to the arrival of the torch and when lining the road for the torch to pass through Harrietsham.