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Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Gravesham district.


February - June

Project based around two Paralympic Sports Boccia and New Age Kurling. This project will introduce and develop these inclusive sports to become part of the schools curriculum PE for 2013. As well as increase the pupils awareness of these Paralympic Sports, pupils will learn to play the each sport and take part in intra-competition. Young Games Makers nominated within each school will help to drive an intra-competition programme for other pupils within their school. The five schools participating in this project will compare competition results virtually.

School Torch Relay

28 March

The opportunity for pupils in Gravesham to experience and celebrate a Torch Relay event. This event has been planned and developed by the Gravesham Schools Sport Partnership under the direction of the District Planning Group. A DVD to be created and then presented through School Assemblies to inform pupils and staff about the history of the Olympic Torch, assign each school a country to represent for this event and to outline the menu of project ideas for pupils and staff to take part in prior to their Torch Relay visit by the Gravesham Schools Sport Partnership Mascots.
The Schools Torch Relay Project/Event has been created and based on celebrating the Official Torch Relay visit to Gravesham. The Project has created the opportunity for pupils to learn about and support other Olympic & Paralympic countries and their athletes. Schools have been provided with a menu of ideas to help them create some wonderful work based on their adopted country.
Make A Mascot - Learn about Wenlock and Mandeville (Why they look the way they do). Use the Olympic & Paralympic values to help create mascots for their adopted country using cuddly teddy’s and action figures.
Make a Flag - Think about the symbols that are used to represent their country such as flowers, animals, flags, objects or patterns and design their own flag.
Olympic Rap - Create an Olympic Rap for their adopted country. Explore nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Add body percussion to keep beat.
Athlete Top Trumps - Top trump card game based on Athletes from their adopted country. Use facts and figures about the Athlete such date of birth, height, weight, Olympic and Paralympic medal wins (gold, silver & bronze), number of times represented their country etc. (This game could be played via Video Conferencing against other participating schools with their Athletes Top Trump Cards)
School Anthem - Listen to National Anthem from the adopted country. Compose an anthem for their school using the inspiration of the adopted country. Think about the musical elements (e.g. louder / softer dynamics, faster / slower tempo etc.), as well as the instruments that might be used
Celebrations - Celebrations engage all our senses, connect us to others, and foster a sense of place. Celebrations also reflect peoples’ customs traditions and values. Find out about the types of music and dance that exists in their adopted country. Create their own celebration dance to represent your country.
For many pupils this may be the only Torch Relay experience and the idea is to create an event that mirrors the colour and excitement of the Official Torch Relay.

Gallery of images:  http://www.graveshamssp.co.uk\news

Flag Competition

18 April

The opportunity for Gravesham pupils to capture the Spirit of London 2012 Games by designing a flag based on one of the Olympic and Paralympic Values.  The winning design for each Olympic & Paralympic value will be manufactured into a national size flag.  On the 18th April 2012 which marks 100 days until the London 2012 Games commence The Mayor of Gravesham and Chris Cook, Olympic Swimmer will hold a special presentation and ceremony with the winners to raise the flags and proudly fly them from the Civic Centre Square in the lead up to the official Olympic Torch visiting Gravesham.  130 Young Ambassadors involved in this project will win the opportunity to attend the UK School Games finals held at the Olympic Park this will provide an amazing opportunity to those who have worked so hard to bring the magic and inspiration of London 2012 to other young people in their school.

Gallery of images: http://www.graveshamssp.co.uk\news

Creative Arts Multi-Sensory Project

30 April – 4 May

Olympic and Paralympic Creative Arts Project. A multi-sensory art workshop inspired by the Olympic Rings.

Mini Champs

April - July

Meopham Secondary Sports Leaders Mini Champs event will be an Olympic, Paralympic and Cultural event for pupils in KS1. Pupils will experience Olympic and Paralympic Track & Field events. Participating schools will represent an Olympic/Paralympic country. In the lead up to the Mini Champs event schools will be asked to create a dance/song performance based on their chosen country to be performed at the Open Ceremony. Every child will receive a commemorative medal and 5 Trophies based on the PRIDE Values will be awarded to schools who have best demonstrated these values on the day.

MGSG Young Ambassadors Mini Olympics

April - July

Mayfield Grammar School Sports Ambassadors Mini Olympics Event for Primary Age Pupils. Pupils will experience Olympic and Paralympic Track & Field events. Participating schools will represent an Olympic/Paralympic country. In the lead up to the Mini Olympics schools will be asked to create a Flag/Banner based on their chosen country for the Opening Ceremony. Every child will receive a commemorative medal and certificate based on the PRIDE Values. The vent will close with a closing ceremony and awards presentation.

Olympic & Paralympic Athletes Art Exhibition

April - July

Cultural Olympiad Project\Competition in conjunction with Gravesham Borough Council. This project is open to Primary Year 6 and Secondary KS3 pupils. A local artist will be engaged to work with a group of up to 20 students in participating schools. A workshop will engage pupils in a unique arts project based on Olympic and Paralympic Athletes who will represent Great Britain in the London 2012 Games.
The workshop will provide a hands on experience to create some wonderful pieces of either free standing or traditional art pieces that explores the Athlete and their sport. Pupils involved will learn about some of our Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls for London 2012.
18 pieces from across all participating schools will be chosen to display at a special Olympic\Paralympic Exhibition at the Blake Gallery during the 1st – 17th August

Primary Olympics 2012

June - July

District Wide Athletics Event for Year 5 and6 open to all Primary Schools. This event will be split over two evenings, one evening involving Track and the other Field. Sports Leaders from St Georges CofE School will help run and officiate the event. Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist will be awarded for each event. The event will include an athlete’s parade on the first evening and finish with a closing ceremony on the second evening.


20 July

LOCOG in conjunction with Gravesham Borough Council have provided an amazing experience for a photo opportunity with the Olympic Torch as it passes through Gravesham. Through the PRIDE Values Award Programme the Gold Medal Winners will be give the chance to be part of this historic event.

Woodlands Torch Party

20 July

Schools and Local community event to celebrate the Olympic Torch visit to Gravesham. Prior to the torch arrival, the event will provide entertainment that will include displays of dance and gym from locals schools, music by the Black Knights Marching Band, fencing display by Gravesham Fencing Club and hopefully involvement from the local Rock Choir Group. After the torch has left the borough celebrations will continue with a multi-sport event for schools and local community to participate in.

Paralympic Promoter Road show


The opportunity for Gravesham Secondary pupils involved in Sports Leadership Programmes to experience and learn Paralympic sports including Boccia, New Age Kurling, Sitting Volleyball and Athletic events. A team of coaches will take the roadshow to participating schools in the district for a 5 hour Paralympic experience. The Roadshow will involve comprehensive training for the Young Sports Leaders in the above sports followed by an Intra Competition run by the newly trained leaders for KS3 pupils.
The training will provide up to 30 Young Sports Leaders with the sporting knowledge necessary and confidence to be able to run a Pentathlon style event within their school. The Roadshow will create the opportunity for the Young Leaders to run their first intra competition with the guidance and support of the coaches delivering the Roadshow.
Sport specific equipment will be purchased to provide the best competition experience of the above sports engaging a greater number of pupils. Equipment purchased will complement some of the existing centrally held resources and will be managed as a loan resource for schools to further promote fully inclusive sports.