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Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Dover district.

Deal Gifted & Talented Programme

10 November 2011 – 24 May 2012

The project is educationally motivating and inspiring the most advanced pupils in each participating school through a unique programme of study.  It creatively supports the personal development of the children in terms of the interaction and relationship building with children from neighbouring schools.

The children are working on the production of a wide variety of Olympic themed commentaries.  In mixed groups they are using Drama, History and Culture through active learning techniques to finally produce an Olympic legacy for local schools from their own collaborative work.

On 26 March, the children will be visited by Chris Cook, Olympian, who will spend time with the group in helping them develop their Olympic commentaries and inspire them about the Games.

At the end of the final session (May 2012) the children will have produced a tangible outcome as an end result such as a recording, a transcript of a book compiling written commentaries.  This project will be further supported by local media.

Torch Relay

18 May – 13 July

During the period of 18 May – 13 July, a District wide project entitled Hand in Hand will take place. This project will see a contemporary Torch (designed by Secondary school students) visit each of the 52 schools from across the District for a whole day.  Using the Get Set resources, schools will be encouraged to plan activities around Citizenship, Sport, healthy living and Cultural Diversity.

The Hand in Hand project will explore the importance of team work, coping strategies for winning and losing, fairness and equality using athletes as inspiration. This will introduce children and young people to new and exciting opportunities whilst raising aspirations so that they all have the belief that with support anything is possible.  This strategy will increase Parents and Teacher’s awareness of what is available in the Dover District and beyond.

Young Ambassadors and Sports Leaders will support schools and teachers in planning a micro Olympic event at each school.  Children and young people will have the opportunity to try a variety of new and exciting sports. They will also have the opportunity to discuss and explore disability and sport, the barriers that currently exist and how they can be overcome. We aim to use athletes at the forefront of our inspiration campaign and discuss the importance of inclusion and accessibility for all.
Each school will enjoy an interactive half day workshop that will encourage young people to think about the legacy that London 2012 and the arrival of the Olympic torch will have in the District.  The ‘Future Sparks’ activity will support schools to be inspired by what the future holds and imagine their futures… where will the pupils be in 20 years time when the Olympics have happened another 5 times around the world, what will they be doing, what are their hopes and aspirations for the future? Pupils will spend time mapping, planning and creating their futures before creating their own showcase of their hopes and dreams.
The Hand in Hand project will also allow children and families in the rural community the opportunity to engage fully in the Olympic and Paralympic games, overcoming the isolation that has precluded them from full engagement in the past.

Festival of Sport and Culture

2 July

Whilst forming part of the Kent wide Torch Campaign, Pass the Passion has locally been an anthem for young people to follow, linking Sport education, Culture and Diversity to the Olympic theme. Planning is now taking place for the third Pass the Passion Festival of Sport and Culture which this year will be held at Castle Community College.

The event intends to be a culmination of a number of projects that have taken place over the past four years across the District. Attendees will participate in a number of workshops and displays using music, singing, drama and sports using a variety of media that will illustrate the key historical events relating to the arrival of the London 2012 Olympic Torch.

Throughout the day there will also be Olympic style sports workshops led by professional sports coaches and with the help of secondary school sports leaders, children will be able to sample a range of Olympic style sports, including Athletics, Rowing and Fencing.  There will also be an opportunity for the young people to participate in a wide range of Paralympic style sports such as Goalball, Boccia and New Age Curling.

The Festival will also celebrate past Olympics through a range of cultural workshops from Aboriginal art to celebrate Sydney, Chinese calligraphy to celebrate Beijing or Cheerleading to celebrate Atlanta.

Sandwich Olympic Summer Show

11 July

Sandwich Primary schools are facilitating an Olympic Summer Show to be held at Sandwich Technology School where each school will have the opportunity to enter a variety of Olympic themed competitions. Children will prepare their submissions within their own school in terms five and six leading up the event itself on the 11th July. The sections will be as follows:

Section 1
Most attractive school garden
Garden container or hanging basket
School pond
Best garden produce display

Section 2: Year Group Entries
Yr R Olympic garden on a tray
Yr 1 5 Cup cakes Olympic theme
Yr 2 An item of cross stitch/needlework
Yr3 A mosaic, Greek theme
Yr 4 Handwriting, Olympic poem
Yr 5 Craft model of an Olympic mascot (encouraged to include moving parts/lights etc.)
Yr 6 Sporting photograph

Section 3: All Year Groups/Ages
An Olympic/Sports picture in any medium

The winning three entries from each school will be included in the final show tent competition on July 11th and will be judged by independent judges. There will be a first, second and third prize awarded in each Year group, and a winning shield will be awarded to the school which wins the most prizes in the various categories.

Students from Sandwich Technology School will perform an Opening Ceremony with a musical and dance routine.

Deal Summer Cup

18 July

All of the ten Primary schools in Deal will participate in the Deal Olympic Summer Cup on the 18th July.  Fourteen children will represent each of their schools and each will be a gifted and talented athlete.  The morning event will be presented along the lines of the traditional Olympic sporting festival with the teams being welcomed on to the playing fields by all of the children from the host school, The Downs.  There will be an Opening ceremony including music and dance performed again by the children from the Downs School.  Each school will have its ‘team’ base along the side of the running track.

Children from both KS1 and KS2 will participate in five separate Olympic events. Student volunteers and Sports Leaders from Walmer Science College will provide scorers and runners to collect the appropriate children and hand out stickers for each event.

At the end of the event the Summer Cup will be awarded to the school that scores the most amount of points throughout the event and will the cup itself will reside in that school for the remainder of the year.