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Find out more about the Big Events programme happening in the Dartford district.

Handball/Goalball Tournament

April to June

The District has chosen to introduce Goalball and Handball into Dartford schools. In early March schools were offered teacher training/coaching sessions to enable them to lead sessions in the sports and develop a team to represent their schools in a tournament on 25 June World Sport Day. On that day each school will represent a different country and take part in an Opening ceremony. The schools will then compete in Goalball at KS1 and KS3 and in Handball in KS2 and KS3.

Sports Tracks Song writing Marathon

April - July

26 schools from across the District are working with the Nathan Timothy Foundation to create their own Olympic/Paralympic anthem. Each school will spend the day writing lyrics, composing melodies, making choices about musical sounds, singing, rapping, and designing CD covers, working individually, with partners and as a whole class team to create something that is unique to them and their school. At the end of the project it is hoped that the schools can come together to sing their songs as part of a Cultural event.

Trampolining Festival

May - June

Rowhill School staff will deliver Trampolining sessions to the Primary schools within the District.  These sessions will culminate in a Trampolining Festival for all participants to be held at Rowhill School in June 2012. Each Primary school will select a group of low achievers or non-participants in PE and Sport in an attempt to engage them in Sport using an alternative sporting opportunity.

Triathlon Event


The Triathlon event will be completed by teams of 12 pupils from each school. Each pupil will undertake one activity; with four pupils from each school competing in each sport. The schools will research London 2012 Triathletes and choose a London 2012 competing team to represent throughout the event. The event will be hosted at various schools within the area, dependent upon appropriate facilities.

Cultural Diversity of Olympic Games

June - July

Each class from each of the 28 schools within the District will choose to support and learn about one of the London 2012 competing teams, focussing specifically on their athletes and cultures. The children will work through a number of activities around the team and their culture and athletes and by the end of the programmer will have a greater appreciation of cultural and geographical diversity.

Cultural Banner Display


Each school within the District will choose a competing country to support during Games time, this can be either Olympic or Paralympic. Within each school they will research the country and learn about its geography and cultural heritage, as well as their Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls. Each school will be given a material banner (roughly 3m by 1m) to decorate in their chosen country. These banners will be used during District events and then displayed as a collection in Bluewater shopping centre, as part of their look and feel for Games time.

Values Tag Rugby Festival

11 June

A Values Tag Rugby Festival will take place between 10 schools across the District. The Festival will comprise of Tag Rugby because this is a new sport within the schedule of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Each child in attendance will be awarded Values wristbands when they have demonstrated one of the Olympic or Paralympic Values throughout their time at the event. The key to this festival is to ensure the demonstration of the Values, opposed to the final result. It is hoped that the Festival will provide a legacy sports opportunity to lead towards 2016.

District Athletes Meet

27 June

Athletes from all schools will participate in an Athletics track and field meet, based on individual and team points and medals. Each school will support a London 2012 competing team and participate under that country at the Athletics meet. Each school will be encouraged to learn about the athletes from the chosen countries to develop the children’s understanding and excitement around the Games.

Inspirational Speaker

5 and 6 July

A two day Athlete visit Roadshow between the District’s schools will take place with Chris Cook visiting the schools to inspire them to work harder and strive for more. Assemblies and workshops will take place within each of the schools to inspire children with Chris’ own stories and dreams, as well as encouraging them to follow their dreams.

Dartford Torch relay


As Dartford will not be visited by the Olympic torch we have decided to create our own Torch relay. Each school will be given a budget to create their own school torch which will need to be eco-friendly. During week beginning 9th July Dartford will complete a Torch relay with each school delivering their design to the next school. On arrival the host school will take a picture and write a short explanation about its visit before sending their Torch on its journey to the next school.

Infant Mosaic London to Rio


All year 2 students from Wilmington Primary, St Albans Infants and Joydens Wood Infants have been selected to be a part of this project, as they will be in Year 6 at the time of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With the help of local artists specialising in tile mosaic, children across the consortia will build tile mosaics from their own drawings of sport in London and sport in Rio. This provides children with a great opportunity for comparison between the two Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as a transition project between years 2 and 6.